Anonymous asked:

What makes you so knowledgable in models and modeling?

Hmm…where shall I start…
I was involved in modeling at a very young age. I was doing runway at age 5 for macy’s and JCpenny, I picked up photography by age 10, and I took several acting classes,as well as acted in plays all through out high school.  There I learned how to express emotion through expression.  I took minor photography classes, then started modeling at 19 semi professionally. When I moved back to the city I modeled for TIGI for a year, then continued to do odd modeling jobs for extra cash, including workshops, cosmetics, designers, classes, and worked as a muse for a few of my photographer friends. When I turned 26 I hung up my 6inch heels, and continued to pursue my real dream with ToughLove MPD.  Since then I have worked with countless amounts of models, training them on the basics, and watching them grow into professionals. 

I hope that answers your question.

Anonymous asked:

How does one become a Model? I really want to get started but I have absolutely no idea what to do.

First off, you need to decide if you are ready to endure the negatives of modeling, such as: rejections, bad outfits, rude photographers, long hours, rude comments,  little to no compensation, snooty mua’s/hairstylists, catty peers, and LOTS OF HARD WORK!!!!!

If you are still interested in modeling then keep reading….
The first thing you want to do is get in contact with a local photographer, preferably one that has decent references.  Discuss the area of modeling you would like to get into (Commercial,editorial, beauty, catalog) and see if they can shoot the photos according to the style, or if they can refer you to someone that specializes in that area. 99% of the time you will have to pay for this session!   
Secondly, practice practice practice, study your body and facial expressions, watch professional models and apply that to yourself in your own style.  You always want to be ahead, and never stop learning.  Youtube has some great videos on the modeling 101, and posing.  (Check out Coco Rocha!) 
Once you have your first set of photos, take that head shot and start messaging/emailing photographers looking for trade work. If you are unable to find shoots for trade, then you need to consider coughing up the cash for a high end photographer.  That will help get the ball rolling. In the mean time, attend castings and fashion shows, join groups, be present and get your name out there the best you can.

If you want it bad enough you will make it happen. 

P.S. ALWAYS bring a friend/parent/chaperon  to your shoots and castings until you are comfortable with the people around you.

Anonymous asked:

Why do you shoot the same models? I've seen a few photographers do this and I always feel like I'm not getting a chance.

My time is precious. Too many models out there model for a “hobby” and don’t realize that this is my job, I take it very seriously.  So I work with the models that take their job seriously as well.  I am always interested in working with new people, but I prefer to work with people who are willing to respectively pay for their first session.  Then I know you are genuine.